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pport from villagers and the government, and maximized both the interests of villagers and ▓social returns of the project.When implementing the CSD engine▓ering project, the comp

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any has persisted in contract management to assure effective control over funding, progress and quality. The mine project involves 33 CSD villages. However, the company has

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made available water supply, power supply and road services, built physical facilities like hospitals, kindergartens, schools▓ and irrigation wo

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dical teams.These moves mean villagers▓ can enjoy a modern life. Tun Tun's baby was born at a hospital built by ▓the company, and he has worked as a driver

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for a fleet in the mine area. Later, he launched a t▓ransport fleet with 45 trucks with assistance fr

om the company and o▓ffered transport services to the company and adjacent towns. He has become the leader guiding local villagers to get rich.A harmonious home makes prosperity.▓ The construction of the Letpadaung Copper Mine Project is li▓ke t

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he fusion between one "big home" and num

erous small "homes". Only when e▓very small home lives a happy life, can

the "big home" realize healthy and stable development.With vigorous support from

the Myanmar government and partner

s, Wanbao has worked hard and Chinese and local employees have made u

nselfish contributions.The copper mine project is getting more prosperous, the loc

al community has started living a

better life. Both the "big home" and the "small home" are going on the

way of harmony, prosperity and beauty.(The opinions expressed here do not neces

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